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Ulster Touring Opera is offering a three-week paid internship opportunity in January 2023. If you are interested in how a company creates cutting-edge immersive technology experiences and high quality live tours, please consider applying to the position by the deadline of Friday 9th December 2022.

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UTO will be holding General Auditions in January 2023. The auditions will take place in Belfast, and if you would like to audition for the company please email info@ulstertouringopera.com



Ulster Touring Opera will hold general auditions in Belfast each summer. Additional casting auditions are held throughout the year. Singers wishing to be considered for an audition need to demonstrate that they have undergone professional training and/or are working at a professional level. All CVs received will be reviewed and you will be contacted when a suitable audition opportunity comes up.

If you are interested in being considered for an audition please send your CV to info@ulstertoruingopera.com


Ulster Touring Opera works with both experienced and emerging design artists who are excited by the variety and specialisms of working in both a physical and virtual medium. The work incorporates design skills across the spectrum of construction, props, scenic painting, set dressing and costume. Recruitment for designers is advertised here on the website as well as through the usual industry channels.

Stage Management, Lighting and Sound Technicians

Ulster Touring Opera’s work offers challenging, creatively satisfying opportunities for crew members with expertise and enthusiasm for stage management, lighting, sound and special effects. Prospective crew members are usually invited for interview as occasion arises. Recruitment for production and performance staff is advertised here on the website as well as through the usual industry channels.