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We create unique opera experiences that take you to another world. Through cross-border touring and immersive technology, we will share our passion for opera across the province.

For schools, families, adults and communities, our transformative work will have a powerful impact and put people at the heart of an unforgettable musical journey.

Who we are

We are a new cross-border opera company who will take exciting, international-quality performances of the world’s greatest operas to towns and cities around the nine counties of Ulster. We cast our shows from the best singers in Britain and Ireland, working with renowned conductors, designers and directors.

And that’s not all: our mission is to bring opera right into people’s living rooms via Augmented Reality technology. Through the magical power of opera we will inspire audiences and artists of the future – by bringing opera home.

Why support us?

Ulster Touring Opera’s work builds on the rich legacy of the art form, pushes the possibilities of the present and champions the future of opera in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our projects and experiences will inspire, excite and motivate people, whether they’re schoolchildren, care home residents, emerging theatre-makers or members of our growing fan base.

What you will help us achieve

  • Developing and growing audiences for opera. Particularly new, young and ‘non-theatregoer’ audiences.
  • Nurturing creative voices and practitioners, through our future talent development programmes.
  • Creating measurable change in pupils’ engagement and enjoyment of school.
  • Embracing and reflecting diversity and inclusion across all our programmes, seeking to engage, consult and employ the widest possible range of skills, voices and talents.

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