Experience opera like never before!

Your home becomes the set of the show in this breathtaking set of operas brought to you using augmented reality technology.

Now you can be there as never before as Don Giovanni lives his final spine-tingling moments, or enjoy a fresh take on Mozart’s enigmatic character Papagena in a brand-new opera by award-winning composer Brian Irvine. Ulster Touring Opera presents the AR Opera app, using the latest technology to transform your home into the set of the opera – simply by using a smartphone or tablet.

Using augmented reality technology and volumetric capture techniques, we’ve filmed performers in 3D so that their intimate performances can be enjoyed time and time again in any location. As the world moves from 2D to 3D entertainment content, we are on the cutting-edge of what opera can achieve, and these three operas open the door to what is possible for the art form in the future.

At the heart of our work is the same ethos that has sustained opera for centuries: excellent performers telling immortal stories. We work with world-leading singers and musicians to bring the highest quality musical experience to the realm of immersive opera-making. Join us on this journey as we peek into the future of 3D opera.

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